Dino Mongolia

The Mongolian desert was once a thriving ecosystem for plants and animals, including dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe it also unearthed mass extinction events, with sudden sand slides both sweeping away dinosaurs and preserving their remains.

Notably, in 1922, the first expedition to uncover dinosaur eggs was conducted in the Gobi Desert. Since then, teams from various countries have made significant discoveries. Famous fossils include the “Two Fighting Dinosaurs,” “Crowded Infant Dinosaurs,” and an Oviraptorosaur laying eggs. Over a century, more than 80 dinosaur specimens, representing a fifth of those known to science, have been found in the Mongolian Gobi. Paleontology Institute of Mongolia and AIC Steppe Arena are jointly organizing an immersive exhibition of rare dinosaur fossils, and valuable historical and cultural heritage of Mongolia with the latest technologies.

Prepare to be transported millions of years back in time as you step into our immersive exhibition showcasing the incredible findings and fossils of dinosaurs unearthed in Mongolia. Known as a treasure trove for dinosaur discoveries, Mongolia’s rugged landscapes have yielded some of the most remarkable specimens in paleontological history.

Dino Mongolia – Immersive exhibition

🗺️ Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

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